What is the FRAMEWORK marketing model?

"FRAMEWORK" is an acronym for nine steps of the new marketing strategy model. I have been developing and optimizing this marketing strategy for over five years with the help of the talented people around me. We have tested and served this strategy to our clients in Kroppa Digital Agency. We learned a lot, and it is time to share this learning as knowledge.

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We have always admired and believed in the "Open Source Software" community. From day one, we decided to build this model as open source. We asked friends, colleagues, and followers what they thought about building the model in public. They supported the idea, and now we are ready to start a new journey.

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This newsletter is the first steps of the book: “ FRAMEWORK Strate” I'm attempting to write articles about modern marketing and strategy that explain the model. Each article will serve as a chapter in the book. You will be one of the first people to read the book. Please subscribe to my newsletter and provide feedback on my book.

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Learn with “FRAMEWORK Series”

The "FRAMEWORK Series" is an ongoing project that aims to break down complex marketing strategies into easy to understand steps and principles. Through this series, I'm sharing the knowledge and insights I've gained from helping lots of clients improve their marketing strategies. The series starts with McDonald's strategy and will move on to other well-known brands like Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Each chapter of the FRAMEWORK Series will cover the nine steps of the FRAMEWORK marketing model. The series will explain how these steps are used in the context of McDonald's strategy and how they can be applied to other brands. Additionally, the series will discuss the practical implementation of these steps, such as how to choose customer personas, perform market analysis, develop a brand frame, and more. Through reading this series, people will learn more about how to make a good marketing plan for their own businesses.

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